Gender Stereotypes


This ad was made for Maybelline New York makeup. It is advertising their new product The Eraser. On the ad there is a woman pictured with just a head shot. The models face is highlighted to attract attention. There is an example of where the makeup corrects her skin. The ad says that the product corrects fine lines, dark circles, and crow’s-feet. There is also a picture of the product with the way you would apply it to your skin.

This Maybelline ad reflects a gender stereo type. It infers that only women wear makeup when we all know that this is the case. I do not think that any make up company advertises that men can use their products as well. I personally know men that wear make up on an everyday basis. I also know women that have never worn makeup a day in their lives. I feel that Maybelline should feature some ads with men using their products.


This ad was made for Broan Evolution. They are advertising their new range hood. This product is for cooking in the kitchen. The ad had a woman cooking in the kitchen stirring the food with a smile on her face. There are swirls around the food inferring that the food smells good. She is also cooking under her new range hood. The new range hood is illuminating the kitchen. There is also a quote at the top of the ad stating, “Light awakens the senses and brings your cooking to life.”

This Broan Evolution ad does reflect a gender stereotype. The ad reflects that women are the only ones that belong in the kitchen. I know plenty of men that love to cook all of the time. In today’s society, I feel that men and women are in the kitchen equally. In previous years, women were more prone to being in the kitchen but times have changed. They could have made this ad with a man and woman in the kitchen cooking together.


This ad was made for Budweiser beer. The ad shows a man and a woman drinking beer together. The man is drinking out of a can and the woman is drinking out of a mug. They look like they are enjoying each others company. The weather looks nice, with flowers in the background. There is a quote on the top and the bottom of the ad that talk about happiness and springtime.

This Budweiser ad fails to reflect gender stereotypes. It shows that men and women can partake in the same activities. It shows that men and women can have fun together. More ads should represent this so that the world will not conjure up gender roles in society. Growing up I often thought that beer was only for men, but as I got older I see women drink it as well. I feel that when there are not any stereo types, then everyone is treated equally and is held accountable for the same things.


This ad was made for the online bingo company called Paddy Power. On the ad there is man holding his baby with his shirt lifted, implying that he is attempting to breast feed the baby. He has a disgusted look on his face, like he could be doing a thousand other things than watching a baby. Beside him there is a caption that states, “Where have all of the women gone?” The background is very dark with a tiny lamp. At the bottom of the ad there is the website to where you a can play online bingo. This ad shows that even if you are stuck at home, you can still have some fun.

This Paddy Power Ad counters the gender stereotype of only women stay at home with the children. It shows that men are fully capable of performing the same tasks as women. It represents that men can be domesticated as well. The ad went to the extreme with the artificial breast-feeding but maybe that is what it took to get the message across. It does show that women should be able to leave the house with men being able to have everything under control.


This ad is for Clorox cleaning products. It advertises how Clorox products are great. The Ad has a bold yellow background with the word “GET THE POWER” which emphasizes the Clorox products gets the job done. There is also a variety of their products pictured at the bottom of the ad. There is a ribbon of words listing what the products can clean. The most impacting thing on the ad is the woman the left side flexing her muscle, implying that only the strong can use this product.

This Clorox ad reflects a gender stereotype. It infers that only women clean. It does boost up women, by saying that we are strong individuals. However, women are not the only ones that clean. I know plenty of men that clean around the house. The women cleaning the house are a stereotype that developed from many years ago. Women have developed so far beyond cleaning and being stay at home mothers. We have jobs and degrees as well. Cleaning should not be categorized as a woman’s chore. They could have made this ad with a man mopping the floor.